Why Become A Superhero?

Yesterday’s superpowers – flying, bending steel, x-ray vision – are less than useful in the workplace. But managing people, changing behavior, coaching for success: these are the superpowers of today! These powers can get results and win the battle against workplace evil!

So, why attend an interactive web-based training and earn your Certificate of Achievements, Powers & Excellence (C.A.P.E.) with Managers are Heroes?

Built for a Group:

Managers Are Heroes knows that you’re not alone in your fight against workplace evil, so we’ve built all of our products for a group! Our core course group pricing and our all of our elective programs allow everyone in your group to get training, coaching & support for a low rate, and our core courses allow group leaders to track participation!

Quality & Live Interaction:

Two heads are better than one! By interacting with your mission advisor and your fellow superheroes-in-training, you can apply your newly developed superpowers, get advice and learn from other’s experiences.

Problem Solving Skills:

No superhero is gifted with all the superpowers! You’ve never had to engage employees! You haven’t had to break up a disagreement before! How are you supposed to know how to run a performance review? Learn the tricks of being a great superhero manager in just a few weeks!

Multiple Ways of Learning:

Superman had superhuman hearing. Batman deals with his villains with hands-on combat. Superwoman has x-ray vision. Whether you learn by watching, listening or being more hands-on, Managers are Heroes interactive training can help you gain the superpower you need to impress your top executives!

Career Advancement:

Take action and learn the essentials to excel as a superhero manager! Demonstrate that you have the skills to be a great management hero, and show your boss you can vanquish all the villains at your workplace!

Superheroes aren’t born – they’re made. Just like great managers!