What If the Office Gossip Is You?

Eleanor Roosevelt, the Wonder Woman of American history, once said, “”Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people.”

You might be nodding your head right now, but who hasn’t shared a secret or two? Or you might read this and think, “That’s not me, that’s the villainous Linda in accounting. She’s pure evil. I would never gossip about my fellow Avengers!”

Work gossip happens more than you’d think. A recent survey showed 21% regularly gossip at work and 15% admitted to occasional gossip. Not only does gossip hurt morale, it also affects productivity, ruins your professional credibility, and creates strained relationships with co-workers. [Read more…]

Your employees want to kill each other: Now what?!?

Conflict in the workplace is natural. It’s healthy when it’s about ideas; it’s unhealthy when it becomes personal.

Dealing with conflict in the workplace is hard enough when you are one of the parties, but becomes even tougher when two of your employees are going at it.

Your first instinct may be to ignore it, and hope that the two are adults and will be able to work it out. But once “ego” digs its ugly claws in these types of things never fix themselves on their own.

At this point, it has become ugly not only for the two involved, but awkward for everyone around them; impacting morale and productivity.

You need to get involved. But how do you do so in a useful way without taking sides? [Read more…]