6 Personality Types Your Office Doesn’t Need

Even with superpowers, you’re not going to get along with everyone.

Certain people just rub others the wrong way. And unfortunately, in a work environment, this can make for an unproductive team. So it’s a good idea to use those superhuman abilities to weed out the weaklings and troublemakers.

Your office is your S.H.I.E.L.D., so channel your inner Nick Fury to determine who’s worthy of your organization.

You can do yourself a lot of favors during recruitment by knowing what personality types to avoid. [Read more…]

When to tell whiners ‘enough is enough’

Whiner from another department is driving good employees nuts

For some folks, whining is the national pastime.

It makes no difference how well things are going, they always have a gripe.

Obviously, whiners can poison the well. But even in a place where employees generally ignore the whiner, it can still disrupt productivity.

That’s the situation manager Susan Baker found herself in when a whiner was driving one of her good employees to distraction. [Read more…]

Natural-born whiner: When other employees have had enough

Will minor complaints escalate into something bigger?

Some folks are just natural-born whiners. It makes no difference how well things are going, they always find small, annoying things to complain about.

While most of it is harmless, it can wear on your patience. And if allowed to continue, it could fester into a wider morale problem. [Read more…]

No More Whiners: How to Reduce Workplace Negativity

The way some workers whine and complain, you’d think it was part of their job description.

It’s important to remember the responsibility is on us – the managers – to get a handle on these down-in-the-dumps staffers before they wreak havoc on company morale.

Turn ’em around

Here’s a four-step strategy to help managers transform a negative worker into a positive one: [Read more…]