When to tell whiners ‘enough is enough’

Whiner from another department is driving good employees nuts

For some folks, whining is the national pastime.

It makes no difference how well things are going, they always have a gripe.

Obviously, whiners can poison the well. But even in a place where employees generally ignore the whiner, it can still disrupt productivity.

That’s the situation manager Susan Baker found herself in when a whiner was driving one of her good employees to distraction. [Read more…]

Employee badmouths company online: What do we do?

The Scenario

HR director Stu Capper had just gotten out of his car Monday morning when supervisor Eric Cottrell yelled his name.

Eric ran across the parking lot. “I need to talk to you,” he told Stu. “I got a problem I’ve never run into before.”

“Better follow me to the office,” said Stu. [Read more…]

Employee freaks out when long-term co-worker becomes her supervisor

The Scenario

“I want to register a complaint,” Lucy Alschuler announced as she stamped into Stu Capper’s office.

“About what, exactly, Lucy?” asked the HR director, motioning Lucy to a chair.

“About Linda Webster. My new boss.” Lucy spat out the last word. [Read more…]

How to deal with a backstabbing employee

Employee smiles to your face, then trashes you behind your back

No matter how good morale is, there are always some employees with negative attitudes.

The worst may be those who offer sweet smiles to your face – and then badmouth you or the company to other employees.

It can tarnish a manager’s image, undermine his or her authority and crush morale.

That’s the situation manager Katie Adams faced when she heard a worker badmouthed her to others. [Read more…]

Good Worker; Toxic Employee: What to do?

One toxic employee can crush the morale of a whole staff

Toxic employees negatively impact morale and productivity more than you may think.

Every day their behavior wears you – and your employees – down just a little bit more.

Their nitpicking, controlling and self-centered behavior ultimately can send stress levels soaring, says recent research.

And the problem is widespread. More than 87% of employees say they’ve worked with toxic employees at one time or another. [Read more…]

When you’re under the thumb of a micromanager

Is there a way to manage the boss and get things back on track?

As managers, it’s important to keep a firm hand on things.

But some managers grip so tightly they create bottlenecks that choke the operations.

Not only does a micromanager hurt productivity, they also stifle their staffs’ development. [Read more…]

You can’t keep everyone happy: How to heal bruised egos

Report unintentionally ridicules employee

Keeping morale high and productivity up can be a constant juggling act.

As managers, we must motivate people to perform better, massage egos, deal with unacceptable behavior, settle conflicts, etc.

But let’s be honest, sometimes we screw-up – and make things worse. [Read more…]

Employees who complain too much: Get ’em back on track

No matter what manager did, employee was never happy

Motivating a staff is a daily challenge – particularly when you’re running a lean operation.

And one whiner makes it harder. Not only do managers have to spend valuable time on the whiner’s complaint, the negativity can infect the whole team. [Read more…]

Natural-born whiner: When other employees have had enough

Will minor complaints escalate into something bigger?

Some folks are just natural-born whiners. It makes no difference how well things are going, they always find small, annoying things to complain about.

While most of it is harmless, it can wear on your patience. And if allowed to continue, it could fester into a wider morale problem. [Read more…]

When to deal with unacceptable behavior

Whining is a warning of a more serious problem

Let’s face it. Most change isn’t part of a grand strategic plan.

It occurs every time you make new hire.

Of course, we try to hire folks who’ll fit in and make us better. But sometimes a single person alters the group chemistry in a way that hurts the operation.

And it’s not always the new hire who is the culprit. [Read more…]