What If the Office Gossip Is You?

Eleanor Roosevelt, the Wonder Woman of American history, once said, “”Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people.”

You might be nodding your head right now, but who hasn’t shared a secret or two? Or you might read this and think, “That’s not me, that’s the villainous Linda in accounting. She’s pure evil. I would never gossip about my fellow Avengers!”

Work gossip happens more than you’d think. A recent survey showed 21% regularly gossip at work and 15% admitted to occasional gossip. Not only does gossip hurt morale, it also affects productivity, ruins your professional credibility, and creates strained relationships with co-workers. [Read more…]

Workplace gossip feels like high school: What to do?

New employee runs head first into the office blabbermouths

Every company has a gossip monger. But sometimes those blabbermouths do more than spread rumors – they shut out new employees.

And when those motor mouths get catty, it can hurt the morale of new hires.

That’s the situation manager Valerie Robbins found herself in when two of her best workers were overheard talking about the new guy. [Read more…]

The sneaky productivity killer and what you can do about it

Putting a stop to gossip at work

As a manager, you may try top stay out of minor employee squabbles, such as petty gossip.

After all, your job is to set a good example – not micromanage employees’ social lives.

But rumors and gossip can cause hurt feelings and grudges. And if left unchecked, they can lower morale and productivity.

So what should managers do when gossip rears its ugly head? [Read more…]