How to Be Happier at Work: 8 Tips To Raise Your Spirits

Everyone strives to be happy. We aim for the utmost happiness when it comes to our families, our friends, our significant others, our social life. Even Superman makes time for Lois Lane!

So why shouldn’t we aim to be happy at work? After all, we spend a huge chunk of our time in the workplace. And that time will be much more enjoyable – or at least bearable – if our moods are lighter and we’re having a little bit of fun.

The best part is, making yourself happier at work isn’t even hard. Here are a few easy tricks that’ll keep you in better spirits at the office: [Read more…]

Managing Malcontents: End the negativity; Save your best employees

75% of managers polled – recently told us that conflict in their organization is negatively impacting productivity. This poll was from a recent presentation from Guy Harris of the Recovering Engineer.

In Guy’s presentation, he described how unresolved conflict kills your team. It leads to:
1. Poor decision making
2. Poor employee engagement
3. Distractions
4. Lost time
5. Poor information flow

The good news is – it doesn’t have to be this way. Harris described a 5-step plan to resolve conflict in your workplace. [Read more…]