Let Go to Gain More Control

“Forget it! I’ll just do it myself.”

How often do these words come flying out of your mouth like Superman coming to save the day? Does that thought bubble over your head say, “If I want it done right, I’ll have to do it myself?” Are you convinced you manage a team of complete idiots?

This just in: We don’t need x-ray vision or mind reading abilities to know that you are not surrounded by idiots! Instead, you are what we like to call a control freak. [Read more…]

Are you crushing employee engagement – without even knowing it?

Employee engagement is a little like the weather. Everyone talks about it, but changing it’s another matter.

You know that in the workplace – as employee engagement goes – so goes productivity.

The front-line warriors in the employee engagement battle are The Manager!

Well-meaning, but dangerous

Can you think of any manager who actually sets out to kill employee engagement? Probably not. Many times, it’s a lack of awareness.

Other times, managers let short-term productivity pressures interfere with the right decisions – and end up paying for it down the road. [Read more…]