How to Give Constructive Feedback

One of the toughest parts of a manager’s job is giving employees constructive feedback. But it’s also one of the most important superpowers managers must improve.

Without good feedback, workers won’t grow. Whether it’s positive or negative, employees need to know where they stand. For our purposes, we’ll use the example of a superhero who has excelled at giving feedback: Charles “Professor X” Xavier, the founder and leader of the X-Men.

For years, Professor X has run a private school that trains mutants and turns them into superheroes like you. It’s not an easy job – he just makes it look easy. Here are four tips to give better feedback like the leader of the X-Men: [Read more…]

4 Questions You Must Ask Yourself – Before that Next Difficult Conversation

We all do it. Ignore that difficult conversation, hoping the issue will go away.

But we all know how this story ends. Behavior gets worse, the good people get frustrated and they resent us for having to clean up the mess.


When we finally get the stones to have the conversation, we start over-thinking the issue. What if she denies what I am saying? What if he tries to compare himself to other people’s behavior? What if she is silent and doesn’t say anything?

You can’t script these conversations.  No one likes to be told they are doing something wrong and how they will respond is unpredictable.

But there are proven ways to prepare for the difficult conversation and improve the odds of getting what you want. Here are 4 questions to help you prepare: [Read more…]