Spot the Bad Guys: 6 Signs It’s Time to Let an Employee Go

Superheroes in comic books and movies have it made: It’s easy to tell the good guys apart from the bad guys. Hint: The bad guys are usually the ones laughing maniacally in poorly-lit lairs.

Managers, on the other hand, have a tougher job. It’s not always easy to spot the villains and goons lurking in your department. Many of them have gotten good at blending in with the rest of the crowd – so good, in fact, that some of them may even be managers!

The good news: Every bad guy has a tell – and you don’t need X-ray vision to spot them. Here are six signs you’ve got a villain-in-the-making on your hands who needs to be let go. [Read more…]

3 Secrets to Choosing Your Battles Wisely

Batman has the Joker. Spiderman has the Green Goblin. Superman has Lex Luthor.

Just because you’re a hero doesn’t mean you have to get along with everybody.

Conflicts happen. These superheroes had their nemeses, and, as the hero of your workplace, you probably have yours.

Whether it’s a difference of opinion, conflicting personalities, or even a flat-out argument, people don’t agree all the time – especially when there are multiple people clamoring for leadership, eager to prove themselves. (If a group was meant to have more than one leader, Professor X and Magneto probably would’ve gotten along a whole lot better!) [Read more…]

Gasp! 10 Warning Signs You May Be The Office Villain

It can happen to the best of us: Jean Grey turned into Dark Phoenix; the second Robin became Red Hood; even sweet little Anakin Skywalker was eventually consumed by the Dark Side.

If they’re not careful, heroes can slide into villainy. It starts small – letting your nemesis off with a warning here, a little micromanaging there – but before you know it, you’re plotting to take over the world and employee morale has evaporated.

Here are 10 warning signs you might be the villain in your own story – if any of these sound familiar, it’s time to save yourself… before it’s too late! [Read more…]

National Superhero Day: Celebrating Real-Life Leaders Making a Difference

Happy National Superhero Day!

In the 1990s, the defenders of good over at Marvel Comics created Superhero Day. While it may sound like a day for binge watching comic book movies, the true purpose is to honor the everyday people who make a difference in their community. The endless volumes of heroic acts in their fiction likely spurred a desire to see real heroics. So, April 28 became National Superhero Day. [Read more…]

3 Leadership Lessons from CBS’ Supergirl

This past September, Supergirl flew onto our screens from Krypton on CBS’ new hit TV series. Your life is already pretty super, so you might be thinking the show isn’t for you. If you wanted to look at a superhero, you’d just look in the mirror.

But this show is about more than its caped heroine! It’s also about her strong support team – in many ways, the show relates to anyone who has worked in an office environment.

Below are 3 leadership lessons you can harness from the woman of steel! [Read more…]

The Top 4 Leadership Myths

You don’t need super powers to be a leader.

Some people seem to inherently have leadership skills, much like Superman was born with an array of impressive powers. But others have to earn it the hard way. Even Bruce Wayne had to climb a mountain to learn how to be a hero.
[Read more…]

Three Keys to Super-Speed (Even If You Aren’t the Flash)

We get it – there’s not enough time in the day. We can’t all have super-speed or travel through time. Some of us have to settle for the ability to read expense reports super thoroughly. But even the most mundane of heroes can get more done with these surprising techniques. [Read more…]

Dark Side Management Tips: How to Lead Like a Star Wars Sith Lord

Movies – is there anything they can’t teach us? Probably. But they can definitely teach us how to be an evil manager.

Let’s take Star Wars: Force Awakens for example. In this newest installment, we get to see a new face of the dark side in the form of the New Order, managed by the sinister Kylo Ren.

Like his predecessor, Darth Vader, and the Empire of the original trilogy, Kylo demonstrates a solid management style. [Read more…]