Boost Morale In Your Office: Strategies To Implement Today

You know morale matters, but many managers get so caught up in the day-to-day that it can easily become an afterthought. What you may not know: boosting morale is easier than you’d think – and it can build your bottom line!

Who Cares About Morale?

You! Well, you should anyway. Studies show that morale has a direct effect on productivity. Yes, whistling while you worBoost Morale even-an-android-can-cryk is a real thing! People who are happy in their job are more likely to take pride in their work and go the extra mile. Good morale will also reduce the amount of sick days employees take – people will want to come into work instead of looking for an excuse to play hooky. This all pays a part in reducing turnover too!

Up, Up & Away! How Can You Save the Day?

What’s great about morale is that simple things will do the trick. And despite what you might think, you don’t have to spend millions to make positive morale a reality. Check out four ways below:

  1. Let Employees Know You Appreciate Them

Boost Morale - Number 1 FanBeing a superhero might be a thankless job, but that doesn’t mean your employees don’t want to be recognized for their hard work. You don’t have to go crazy saying thank you for every little thing, but they do go a long way. Kick off staff meetings with employee praise, send a handwritten note, or even just stop by an employee’s cubicle to put a smile on their face. What’s great about this morale booster is that it’s free, easy and always effective.

2. Provide Small Perks

It really iBoost Morale - jeanss the little things that have big impacts on people. Employee perks such as casual Fridays go a long way and like our first example, it doesn’t cost a thing. Another perk employees enjoy is flex schedule. You can make a small change, such as being able to work from home once a week or several days of telecommuting when personal issues arise. Either way, saving employees the commute every now and again will be worth it. The perks don’t have to stop there: free lunches, barbecues, office parties and more can all do wonders for morale. Use your imagination!


3. Offer RewardsBoost Morale - Money

Yes, doing a good job is a reward in itself. But offering bonuses or other incentives can bring a fun, com
petitive spirit to the office all while increasing your numbers. It also encourages your employees to be goal oriented and keeps them on track when they begin to day dream.

4. Crush Stress

Don’t make me stressed… You wouldn’t like me when I’m stressed. A recent survey shows that more than 8 in 10 employees are stressed out by at least one thing relating to their jobs. If an employee is more irritable than usual or not as social as you are used to seeing, they may be suffering from morale-draining stress. A negative vibe in the office can spread like wild fire – unless you put a stop to it!

Boost Morale - Hulk Mad

Start by talking to the individual employee about their workload. Are they taking on too much? Is this just a stressful time for the business? Once you pinpoint the cause you can rectify the situation. If it’s not a specific issue, fear not: there are less specific ways to handle stress. These includes making sure employees are taking breaks, playing music throughout the office and keeping shared work spaces clean.

Improving moral is something that needs to get off the backburner and instead get the consideration it deserves.  All that’s left is to stop making excuses and jump into action.

How do you improve morale in your office? Let us know in the comments!


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