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Becoming a superhero no longer involves traveling to remote mountains in Tibet. You don't need to be bit by a spider, or exposed to radiation. No longer does an experiment need to go awry for you to become a superhero.

We at Managers are Heroes believe that every manager is a superhero. The power is within you. However, just like Batman, some heroes need some training to reach their optimum fighting power.

Develop your managerial superpowers, boost your performance, job security & stature and earn your Certificate of Achievements, Powers & Excellence (C.A.P.E.) by taking all four core courses & one elective course.

Getting your C.A.P.E.


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We're all here for the greater good: the fight against workplace evil! Develop your managerial superpowers and earn your Certificate of Achievements, Powers & Excellence (C.A.P.E.) by taking all four of the following courses & one elective course.


    Whether it's the backstabbing, power struggles, the "untouchable" employee or bullying, drama is a part of every workplace. What can a superhero manager, like you, do about it and how can you prevent drama from reoccurring? Join your fellow superheroes-in-training to discover:

    • How to address conflict in your company to remove drama completely
    • Strategies to clear up and conquer difficult situations
    • Ways to solve & prevent the common components of workplace drama
    • Proven Solutions that will fix the bad behavior in your company
    • Specific tactics to promote teamwork & collaboration
    • Negativity in the workplace: Effective solutions to combat human nature
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  • MAH 101: Master Difficult Conversations

    Many great superheroes can find it difficult to confront uncomfortable situations. Some superhero managers may even try to avoid them. If left unaddressed, these workplace villains destroy morale - causing bigger problems. Join your fellow superheroes-in-training to discover:

    • The lost art of confronting problems – directly and professionally
    • Resolving conflict and still maintain positive relationships
    • Keeping disagreements from escalating into arguments
    • How to avoid defensiveness when you are confronted
    • 3-step model to identify which issues are worth confronting
    • Keys to focusing on problems and solutions – not blaming others
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  • MAH 102: Vanquish Toxic Employees

    Bad employee behavior can destroy productivity, decrease employee morale and suck the life out of you as a superhero manager. How can you effectively handle dealing with power struggles, inflated egos & dreaded conversations while still maintaining your superhuman strength? Join your fellow superheroes-in-training to discover:

    • How to effectively handle the excuses you hear every day
    • Creating an environment of mutual respect-specific strategies that work
    • Proven tactics to keep your cool during heated discussions
    • Communication skills that help you deal with difficult employees positively
    • Best known approaches to help solve problems promptly and accurately
    • Tips for forging effective partnerships with your employees
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  • MAH 104: Coaching for Success

    You have aggressive goals and high expectations, but your employees aren't stepping up to the challenges in front of them! How can you push the people on your team to get more done, be amazing individual contributors & increase their engagement? Join us for this interactive class where you will learn:

    • What you can do today to inspire your best employees for tomorrow
    • When to save them from their mistakes and when to let them suffer
    • Knowing the difference between helping and micro-managing
    • What to do – and not to do – when coaching leads to discipline
    • Effectively handling attitude problems, rule-breakers and poor performers
    • Creating a development plan for each employee
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If you are earning your C.A.P.E. (Managers Are Heroes' certificate), in addition to 4 core courses you are required to complete 1 elective course. Hero elective courses drill down into specific areas of supervising to give you a "deeper-dive" into topics that mean the most to you. You are only required to view and listen to the elective of your choice-no assessment, discussions or worksheets are required to complete a hero elective. A hero elective is a 60-minute presentation with printable notes and earns 1 credit towards earning you C.A.P.E.

  • Effectively Manage Virtual Teams: What You Need To Know To Be Successful

    66% of multinational companies already make extensive use of virtual teams, and most managers believe this number will only grow. This brings unique difficulties to managers and supervisors: How can you manage an employee that isn't right in front of you? How do you ensure your team still works as one from all over the globe? Join us for a live, 60-minute training to discover:

    • How top-leaders drive their virtual teams to high-performance
    • Morale and rapport: Keys for keeping long-distance teams together
    • Managing accountability and discipline: Project management that works
    • Proven skills and techniques to manage effective virtual meetings
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  • Dealing with Difficult but Talented Employees: Changing Bad Behavior

    Every manager has at least one difficult employee – but what if this tough employee is actually one of your top performers?! How can you manage expectations and set boundaries without losing an asset to your team? Join us for a 60-minute online training to discover:

    • How to have constructive discussions to change destructive behavior
    • Coaching skills that create alignment, inspire accountability & get results
    • Tips for forging effective partnerships with your top performing employees
    • Eliminate the fear of confronting top performing employees
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  • Handling the Top 5 Employee Issues: Dealing with Difficult Behavior

    If you avoid difficult conversations, hoping the problem will go away, you aren't alone. But letting small problems fester could cause gigantic roadblocks. From the constant complainer to unmotivated employees, all of the top five issues plaguing your workforce can be turned around. Join us for a 60-minute training where you and your team will discover how to handle:

    • Passive Aggression: Deliver criticism without creating confrontation
    • Over-sensitivity: Eliminate the fear of confronting difficult employees
    • Cynicism and change-resistance: Effectively handle bad employee attitudes
    • Disengaged workforce: Tips to motivate your employees
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  • Resolving Employee Complaints: What Supervisors Should and Shouldn't Do

    When an employee comes to you with a complaint, what do you do? If you're like many managers, you might have no idea what comes next. Handled incorrectly, these difficult conversations can lead you down a dangerous path. Join us for a live, 60-minute training to discover:

    • How to handle the anonymous complaint and when to shut it down
    • Practical next steps for documentation, follow-up, and implementation
    • Separating behavior from personality: Uncover hidden motivations
    • Why an open door policy can develop your team: Receive useful feedback
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  • Managing Employees from Hell: Discipline That Gets Results

    Every manager has at least one difficult employee - the one who crushes the morale of all who cross their path. There are proven discipline strategies that can change people like that - creating a more productive work environment. Join us for a 60-minute online training where you and your team will discover:

    • Why most types of discipline fail-and what works
    • How to constructively confront employees
    • How to quickly defuse bad behavior before it spreads
    • Proven ways to decrease your discipline headaches
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  • Managing Millennials: Strategies to Supervise a New Generation

    The Millennial generation has become the largest generation in the workforce, and they're pushing supervisors to be more transparent, decentralized, and collaborative. How do you meet and manage their specific expectations while minimizing show-stopping drama? Join us for a live, interactive 60-minute training to discover:

    • How to manage millennials vs. traditionalists, boomers, and generation X
    • Crucial contributions only a millennial can make & how to leverage them
    • Strategies to reach millennials: The digital world & connectivity
    • Ensuring happy Gen Y employees: Engagement & motivation
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  • Master Disney's Management Methods: Keys to Excelling as a Supervisor

    Disney is known world-wide for its exceptional business practices. "Cast members" are motivated, loyal, & constantly strive to increase their performance. How do Disney leaders instill these qualities in every employee? Join us for a 60-minute webinar where you and your colleagues will discover:

    • How supervisors can apply Disney tools for improving employee behavior
    • Ways to inspire dedication & commitment among your employees
    • How to use Disney's motivational techniques to engage employees
    • Proven ways to drive stronger results and excellence through others
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  • Improving Team Productivity: Increase Engagement & Accountability

    The start of a new year means new goals, new initiatives & potentially new obstacles. How can you “hit the reset button” on your team's productivity & enhance their engagement for 2016? Join us for a 60-minute online training to discover:

    • How to ensure employees know what is expected of them
    • Getting employees to buy-in: Goals, achievements & expectations
    • Pointing fingers – the negative impact it has on morale
    • Positioning employee accountability as a "win-win" for the whole team
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  • Self-Leadership: Leadership Hacks to Become a Great Manager

    Great leadership starts with self-awareness & drive. How can you be sure that you're pushing yourself to be the best manager possible, while developing your own career? Join us for a 60-minute online training to discover:

    • Critical leadership skills to become a highly successful supervisor
    • How to have an effective relationship with your boss: Manage Up
    • Pointers to keep emotion out of the office: Stay calm under pressure
    • Create the career you've always wanted: Crafting a personal strategic plan
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  • Dealing with Difficult, Rude or Angry Customers: Help for Front Line Staff

    Frontline staff - the people behind the counter, on the phone, and walking the floor - play a critical role in the "customer" experience. While front office employees, more often than not, find themselves on the receiving end of a tongue-lashing from customers, they can learn strategies to handle rude and aggressive people and deliver a great customer experience. Join us for this 60-minute online training to discover:

    • Strategies to deal with difficult customers on the front line
    • Conflict mediation tactics & key communication skills
    • Prevention techniques to stop problems from escalating
    • Best practices to recover & improve customer satisfaction
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  • Gaining Employee Buy-In & Fostering Trust: How Great Managers Get Ahead

    Many employees resist new ideas, change or the “unknown” of upcoming projects. How can you, as a leader, foster trust within your team so they understand you have their best interest in mind? Join us for a 60-minute online training to discover:

    • Coaching skills that create trust, inspire accountability & get results
    • Develop a team committed to success: Inspire collaboration
    • Self-awareness: Keys to setting a positive example in your workplace
    • Tips for forging effective partnerships with your employees
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  • Creating “No Excuse” Employees: Stop the Negativity, Motivate Your Employees

    Wouldn't it be great if your employees did what they said, when they said they would, and at the quality level you expect? To most supervisors this may seem impossible! However, there are proven techniques and approaches you can use to create a "No Excuse" culture. Join us for this high-impact, 60-minute online training to discover how to:

    • Create an environment where employees recognize excuses are not acceptable
    • Shift responsibility from you to your employees: Create Accountability
    • Provide feedback that motivates your team and eliminate excuses
    • Encourage problem solving instead of finger pointing
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  • A Supervisor's Guide to Becoming the Manager Everyone Wants to Work For

    Being a supervisor is more than just creating schedules, managing personalities, and creating a structured budget. A great leader inspires trust, ignites creativity, and encourages high performance. How can you be sure that you're not only being a good manager, but that you're also being a great leader? Join us for a 60-minute online training to discover:

    • Three critical leadership skills to become a highly successful supervisor
    • Boosting employee morale by creating a culture where people want to excel
    • 7 pillars of effective feedback: Motivate your team members
    • Self-awareness: Keys to setting a positive example in your workplace
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  • A Manager's Guide to Conflict Management & Resolution

    Every workplace has conflict. When left unresolved, it crushes productivity and kills morale. When recognized and managed, it builds trust, clarifies roles and creates a stronger culture. Join us for a high-impact, 60-minute online training where you will discover:

    • Conflict Management Styles: What's yours & how does it works in your favor?
    • Responding to conflict: Strategies to get to the bottom of a disagreement
    • Strengthen workplace relationships - by facing conflict head-on
    • Effectively respond to conflict with these proven approaches
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  • Providing Feedback & Disciplinary Conversations: Dealing with Bad Behavior

    Providing feedback or discipline to a problem employee can be stressful to even the most experienced manager. However, we all have that one employee who's bringing down morale & killing productivity. Join us for a 60-minute online training to discover:

    • Constructively confront problem employees: What to say & how to say it
    • How to clearly communicate expectations for improvement
    • Following up- when to do it, how to do it & how often to do it
    • Avoid common pitfalls made by managers: Real-life lessons learned
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  • Changing Employee Behavior: Performance Reviews that Work

    When done properly, performance reviews are a valuable tool to end bad behavior. Join us for a 60-minute online training to discover:

    • How to use performance reviews to change destructive behavior
    • Steps to apply "the SMART goal" to your employee reviews
    • Tips to handle the blank stare, the over-reactor & the over-confident
    • Post-performance review tactics: Keys to effective follow-up
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  • Create 'Solution-Focused' Employees: Get Rid of All Your Problems

    All too often, supervisors find their employees bringing them problem-after-problem during the work day. "We can't finish the project on time because…" "John and I can't work together, we don't get along!" How nice would it be if your employees brought you solution instead of problems?! Join us for this 60-minute online training to discover:

    • Creating Solution-Focused Employees: Create a positive workplace
    • Communicating effectively with all your employees – Boost engagement
    • Get buy-in for team ideas – even from your must reluctant employees
    • Brainstorming in the workplace: Creating the most effective solution
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  • Fire without Fear: What Every Supervisor Should Know

    Firing an employee is one of the most difficult and uncomfortable responsibilities of a manager. However, leaving a toxic employee on your team can be detrimental to productivity and the morale of your company. How can you terminate an employee while avoiding liabilities and future lawsuits? Join us for this 60-minute online training to discover:

    • Preparing for the termination: Documentation, warnings & notices
    • When termination is illegal and how to avoid liability
    • Steps to follow during a termination meeting: Fire without fear
    • Post-firing strategies: How to recover after a termination
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  • Why Great People Jump Ship – and What You Can Do to Keep Them

    Most top performers would leave their job if the right opportunity came along. Most company's aren't doing all they can to keep these employees engaged, motivated & productive. How can you stop your top performers from leaving your organization? Join us for a 60-minute online training to discover:

    • What you can do today to inspire your best employees
    • How to reduce turnover - by becoming an "employer of choice"
    • Motivational tools that works better than money
    • How to avoid the 4 actions that will drive your best employees away
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