End Workplace Misunderstandings: 5 Ways to Listen More Effectively

Ever witness an epic clash between two people you thought were both heroes and thought, This could all have been avoided if they would just listen to each other?

Forget the grappling hook – effective listening is one of the most important skills in the superhero manager’s tool belt. It might not help you scale walls, but it can stop two major enemies –  conflict and confusion – before they have time to set in and wreak havoc on employees.

Here are a five ways you can improve your listening skills and stop misunderstandings before they snowball into the next Batman vs. Superman. [Read more…]

3 Leadership Lessons from CBS’ Supergirl

This past September, Supergirl flew onto our screens from Krypton on CBS’ new hit TV series. Your life is already pretty super, so you might be thinking the show isn’t for you. If you wanted to look at a superhero, you’d just look in the mirror.

But this show is about more than its caped heroine! It’s also about her strong support team – in many ways, the show relates to anyone who has worked in an office environment.

Below are 3 leadership lessons you can harness from the woman of steel! [Read more…]

Let Go to Gain More Control

“Forget it! I’ll just do it myself.”

How often do these words come flying out of your mouth like Superman coming to save the day? Does that thought bubble over your head say, “If I want it done right, I’ll have to do it myself?” Are you convinced you manage a team of complete idiots?

This just in: We don’t need x-ray vision or mind reading abilities to know that you are not surrounded by idiots! Instead, you are what we like to call a control freak. [Read more…]

The Superhero’s Guide to Delegation

You want to do it all just because you have superpowers, but even Wonder Woman needs a team. And even Aquaman gets to be on that team. But you know what would happen if the top-shelf superheroes didn’t let Aquaman do his part?

Everything would collapse.

You don’t want that, do you? You don’t want the workplace villains to win. Well, that means you’re going to need to delegate.

But I CAN Do It All! [Read more…]

You can’t keep everyone happy: How to heal bruised egos

Report unintentionally ridicules employee

Keeping morale high and productivity up can be a constant juggling act.

As managers, we must motivate people to perform better, massage egos, deal with unacceptable behavior, settle conflicts, etc.

But let’s be honest, sometimes we screw-up – and make things worse. [Read more…]

Keeping a talented employee happy – without a promotion

Is rising star about to start looking for a new job?

Since all businesses are people business at the core, developing talent is one of the hardest – yet one of the most satisfying – things managers do.

It’s particularly frustrating when an employee is ready to move to the next level, but you’ve no immediate way to satisfy him or her. [Read more…]

Increased job load is sapping employee morale: What should supervisor do?

The Scenario

Supervisor Kent Woynowski stuck his head into HR director Stu Capper’s open door. “Got a minute, Mr. Human Resources?”

“C’mon in, Kent,” Stu. “But I can’t imagine any conversation with you taking only a minute.” Stu and Kent went back a long way.

“You got me there,” said Kent. “And solving this problem going to take a lot longer than a minute.”

“What’s up?” [Read more…]