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Victoria LVictoria LDRS Environmental Systems
The live sessions and interaction with other managers is very insightful. You'll get to see that you are not the only one with issues and it will provide effective ways to help you manage better.
Brandy LBrandy LWiese USA
Easy to use. Quick and not that time consuming and time allotted to complete tasks is great. The information from live event and others was interesting and informative.
Jim DJim DMohave Educational Services
Training that gives managers the tools to be good leaders.
Ben YBen YLifeStream, Inc.
It gave me specific tools to meet workplace drama in a more calm, effective and confident manner. It included great anecdotal examples and at times was humorous. I would recommend it to others dealing with drama in the workplace.
Justin PJustin PRexnord Industries
I would say that it was a very helpful course and not only did I learn from the instructor, but I also learned from the other managers taking the course.

Our Mission is a simple one:
Helping managers to be more effective

In the work place, there is a battle being fought every day. This is not a battle of good vs. evil - but a battle against natural human behavior. Most employees do not come into work and say "I am going to make my manager's life miserable" - but when we go home at the end of the day - it does sometimes feel like that.

When it comes to taking sides on this epic battle - we choose the Manager. In our world, the Manager is the Hero. Bringing justice to the world: Decreasing Conflict, Increasing Productivity - and Enhancing the Lives of all that cross their path. We're a community of learning and knowledge, helping create the new heroes of tomorrow. No matter if you're struggling with employee engagement, difficult conversations or other parts of your supervisor responsibilities.

We'll be here to help you along the way. So, grab your new supervisor cape, and break it in with some hands on experience.

hero training

Good news! You're only four courses and an elective away from your C.A.P.E. (Certificate of Achievements, Powers & Excellence)!


If your destiny is calling you, it's time to call us! Our supportive team of side-kicks are here to help you earn your C.A.P.E.!